Monday, November 23, 2009


Jeremy Camp just wrapped up another tour, with his last concert here! His is someone not to be missed! I've been to several concerts by christian artists, but there is just something different about Jeremy. He is all about Jesus Christ. While Jeremy is on stage singing his heart out, it is not about him at all. He remains the most humble servant. As he sits on the edge of the stage with his Bible, he reminds us all that our purpose in this world is for Jesus and nothing else. That none of the worldly things of this life matter, only how we are using this time to serve Him. At one point during the concert, it got quiet and someone yelled, "We love you, Jeremy!!" And he humbly responded, "But do you love Jesus?" He shows images of the Crucifixion of Christ as he sings the words, "Would you take the place of this Man? Would you take the nails from His hands?" I am reminded of the blood Christ shed for me. There just are no words to describe how spiritually fulfilling his concerts are. I leave hoping that I can be even half the humbled servant that he is. That in my everyday life, I can keep my focus on Jesus Christ and be a better servant to Him in everything that I do.

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