Sunday, February 28, 2010

Senior 2010

She's back!!! You may remember McKenna from her "Cowgirl" photoshoot. There just really are no words that describe how amazing and talented this girl is. It was an honor to get to shoot her senior portraits. We went out to this old abandoned gas station, complete with peeling paint, and she rocked her session! It was just way too much fun! Thank you McKenna! By the way, I have to mention that I did not touch her skin, eyes or teeth in photoshop - they are all her own gorgeousness!


Jennifer Anderson said...

You are right! What a photographer's dream girl to photograph. You did an amazing job and this location is killer!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on these beautiful pictures and of course a beautiful girl. I am always anxious to see your pictures and what you do with them. And they are always amazing.

Angie Penrose said...

Okay... I know I am a blog peeking slacker!! :) These are SO good! Love em! And you went in the house?!! I'm dying to go over there. this set of pics.

M0 said...

Lovely! :) Just found and followed your blog! <3 it!